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Jacob S. Barrett jbarrett at
Fri Jun 11 15:44:54 GMT 2004

Should the vendor and product codes be accessable in devd.  I have seen 
examples while searching Google that suggest that they should be, but they 
don't appear to be.  The problem is that I have two devices that get 
recognized as ucom devices, my Visor and my cell phone.  Obviously the 
actions I want to purform when they are detected are very different.  I tried 
matching based on vendor and product codes, but that doesn't work.  The codes 
are not available when devd processes the attach event.

Below is a snippet of my devd/visor.conf and the debug output from devd.  You 
can see that devd doesn't have a vendor code for this event.  Am I doing 
something wrong?

attach 10 {
        device-name "ucom[0-9]+";
        match "vendor" "0x082d";
        match "product" "0x0100";
        action "chmod 0666 /dev/$device-name";
        action "ln -sf /dev/$device-name /dev/visor";

devd debug:
Processing event '+ucom0 at  on uhub0'
Pushing table
Processing attach event
Testing device-name=ucom0 against ^ed50
Testing device-name=ucom0 against ^ucom[0-9]+
Testing vendor= against ^0x082d
Testing device-name=ucom0 against ^(an|ar|ath|aue|awi|bfe|bge|cm|cnw|cs|cue|
Testing device-name=ucom0 against ^(adv|advw|aic|aha|ahb|ahc|ahd|bt|ct|iir|
Testing device-name=ucom0 against ^ukbd0
Popping table

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