cardreader interrupt storm [was : Re: digital camera]

Stephan van Beerschoten stephanb at
Thu Jun 10 06:55:53 GMT 2004

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 06:55:42AM +0200, Thierry Herbelot wrote:
>Le Wednesday 09 June 2004 22:20, Stephan van Beerschoten a écrit :
>> No problems with any interrupt storms whatsoever. Let me know if I can help
>> pinpoint anything somehow.
>the interrupt storm only happens when *reading* from the CF : could you just 
>try writing some (preferably large) file, then reading it

I tried to 'dd' 120MB of /dev/urandom content to one of my 128MB cards and I'm getting the same error:

Interrupt storm detected on "irq9: cbb1 acpi0"; throttling interrupt source
ad4: WARNING - removed from configuration


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