Sysinstall & labels/fdisk

Joan Picanyol lists-freebsd-current at
Mon Jun 7 17:17:00 GMT 2004

* Alex Hoff <ahoff at> [20040607 16:47]:
> I have run in to an odd problem that on a freebsd 5.2 current system after
> running fdisk and disklabel the initial time on install, i am never allowed
> to do it again. 
> What I have tried on many different systems, is to run sysinstall, and
> either run fdisk or label. After making a change and trying to write the
> changes, it will fail. Even if you dont make a change, and just try to write
> the current settings to the disk, it will fail. The following error comes up
> "ERROR: Unable to write data to disk ad0" (if also tried different types of
> disk devices - da/aacd). Ktrace shows the error as "errno 1 Operation not
> permitted"

GEOM won't let you touch MBR/slices/partitions on used devices. For it
to allow footshooting you should set kern.geom.debugflags=16


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