current Works In Progress (was: What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi?)

Mark Linimon linimon at
Fri Jun 4 18:17:22 GMT 2004

> Have you thought about using the FreeBSD perforce server?  It's invaluable
> for things like checkpointing.  One of the main reasons Peter set it up
> was that people were walking around with months of work on notebooks at
> conferences, and he was concerned they'd drop/lose/have stolen/destroy
> the notebooks and the project would lose a lot of work.

This brings to mind a related question.  It's never clear to me who is exactly
working on what.  ISTM that some kind of listing of Work-In-Progress (either
in Perforce or local patches) would be valuable to the project to prevent
duplication.  (The projects.html seems to be a) at a much higher level, and
b) terribly out of date).

Yes, I will volunteer to wrangle this information.

Should we create a 'projects@' mailing-list (or at least a place that quick
summaries can be posted to)?  Should we rework projects.html to separate
it into Continuing Projects/Work-In-Progress/Research Topics?  Should it
be a separate page entirely, built from recent status reports?

Note: freebsd-doc Cc:ed.


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