cannot install 5-current snapshot.

Hiroo Ono hiroo at
Sat Jun 5 05:23:29 GMT 2004


I was suggested to do with "ACPI disabled" and it worked.
I did not realize enabling ACPI can cause problems with non ACPI PC.
Sorry for not trying this before asking (and maybe I should have send
it to freebsd-questions...)

At Sat, 05 Jun 2004 06:32:50 +0900,
Hiroo Ono wrote:
> I tried to install 5-current snapshot as of 24 may 2004 from
> on a ThinkPad570 and an old desktop (which
> has pentium MMX 200MHz...).
> I booted from the install floppies, and chose "Custom" or "Standard"
> menu. When I set up all the menu and pressed "commit", following
> message appeared and the installation aborted.

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