cannot install 5-current snapshot.

Hiroo Ono hiroo at
Fri Jun 4 21:33:51 GMT 2004


I tried to install 5-current snapshot as of 24 may 2004 from on a ThinkPad570 and an old desktop (which
has pentium MMX 200MHz...).
I booted from the install floppies, and chose "Custom" or "Standard"
menu. When I set up all the menu and pressed "commit", following
message appeared and the installation aborted.

  ERROR: Unable to write data to disk ad0!

  Couldn't make filesystems preperly. Aborting.

vty1 console does not show any warnings or errors related to this.
(I encountered the same failure with the snapshot of early May,
 but I do not remember exact date...)

Did anybody succeed in installing recent snapshot of 5-current?

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