fire up xmms, wi0 loses its mind

Tony Maher tonymaher at
Thu Jun 3 13:08:21 GMT 2004

Michael Lucas wote:

> I'm sure that this is just a symptom of some deeper problem, but it's
> really, really weird and I am totally at a loss as to how to
> troubleshoot it.
> Fresh world+kernel as of May 30.  No WITNESS or INVARIANTS, but I can
> put them back in upon request.
> /var/log/messages gives me the following:
> Jun  3 08:21:28 ratbastard kernel: wi0: device timeout

I have reported earlier getting fxp0: device timeout from similar time frame.
I am working thru various cvsup times:

#*default date=2004.  # ok
#*default date=2004.  # ok  - log 1
#*default date=2004.  # ok  - log 2
#*default date=2004.  # ok  - log 4 stray irq 9 on shutdown
*default date=2004.	# current test
#*default date=2004.  # bad - log 5
#*default date=2004.  # bad - log 3

It looks like problem in  one of:

The current test will check acpi_pci_link.c and acpi_pcib_acpi.c
without the intr_machdep.c change.
Just waiting for make kernel to finish.


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