[HEADS-UP] mbuma is in the tree

Frode Nordahl frode at nordahl.net
Wed Jun 2 14:25:21 GMT 2004

On Jun 2, 2004, at 16:17, Bosko Milekic wrote:
>   I'm afraid you misunderstood what I meant by "Giant leak." :-)

*whoops* :-)

>   Please cvsup to -CURRENT (follow the -current mailing list to figure
>   out when it should be reasonably safe to do so) and verify whether 
> this
>   problem has been fixed, as it is posssible that it already has.

Not sure if I dare do this on the production server, but I will set up 
a test system to see if I can reproduce and test against -CURRENT.

Thanks for your response


>   -Bosko

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