[HEADS-UP] mbuma is in the tree

Bosko Milekic bmilekic at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 2 14:17:13 GMT 2004

>>Additional things worth noting/known issues (READ):
>>   - Giant leak in NFS code sometimes occurs, can't
>>     reproduce but currently analyzing; brueffer is
>>     able to reproduce but THIS IS NOT an mbuma-specific
>>     problem and currently occurs even WITHOUT mbuma.
>Just a mee too on this one.
>I'm running two NFS servers on 5.2.1-RELEASE (with the old mbuf code
>obviously), and I see the problem with leakage here.  Don't know a way
>to reproduce it yet, but it happends over time. This happends both on a
>UP and a SMP machine.

  I'm afraid you misunderstood what I meant by "Giant leak." :-)

  I was referring to a potential leak of the Giant _lock_, not a leak
  of Mbufs and Clusters.  But what you are seeing seems to very much be
  an Mbuf leak, at least, and should be investigated.

  Please cvsup to -CURRENT (follow the -current mailing list to figure
  out when it should be reasonably safe to do so) and verify whether this
  problem has been fixed, as it is posssible that it already has.

  If not, collect as most data as possible and get back to me.


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