5.2-CURRENT - ata1-slave : TIMEOUT - SETFEATURES - another evil continues...

Matt Dawson matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk
Sat Jan 31 17:02:10 PST 2004

OK, who said it was a Lite-On problem? Go to the head of the class. I just 
removed all my ATA devices, installed my (crappy) Sil0680 software RAID card 
temporarily and gave each device its own IDE channel. Whatever channel I put 
the Lite-On LTR-48246S onto showed the following in dmesg:

ata1-slave: WARNING - SETFEATURES recovered from missing interrupt

with my kernel that works, p0. This is taken, of course, from the dmesg after 
I put everything back the way it was. The original message was ata0-master. I 
haven't tried compiling the latest source on this machine yet, since I figure 
I have to get rid of this problem before I stand a fighting chance of getting 
the new ata drivers working on here.

So it seems the LTR-48246S is the problem device. Bummer. It works nicely with 
K3b and xcdroast, too. I shall upgrade to the latest firmware if I can find a 
binary file of SS0E (why do these people assume we all have Windoze boxes to 
upgrade firmware?) and see what happens.

UPDATE: Nothing happened with firmware update to SS0E. Still got the same 

Any ideas? Is there some way this can be worked around? Any logs, etc. 

Matt Dawson.

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