panic: spin lock nv0 not in order list

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Sat Jan 31 14:53:37 PST 2004

On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 11:32:17AM +0200, Danny Braniss wrote:
> with a fairly resent current im now getting:
> ...
> nv0: <NVIDIA nForce MCP2 Networking Adapter> port 0xd400-0xd407 mem 
> 0xdd087000-0xdd087fff irq 11 at device 4.0 on pci0
> panic: spin lock nv0 not in order list
> at line 1207 in file /r+d/5.2/src/sys/kern/subr_witness.c
So remove the debug.witness_skipspin="0" line from /boot/loader.conf
or the ``options WITNESS_SKIPSPIN'' from your kernel, or submit the
trivial patch for subr_witness.c.  ;)

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