5.2 Floppy install

akruijff at dds.nl akruijff at dds.nl
Sat Jan 31 01:50:07 PST 2004

I've just tried to install FreeBSD 5.2 on my new computer and run in to 
a problem with my WD 250G disk.

During reinstall it complains that its wrongly configured at C/H/S 
48521/16/63 and changes it to 30401/255/63. The install then goes as it 
should but after the install it give me the error: "Invalid Partion 
Table" and then continues to try to the bootloader.

The BIOS gives three possibilities but all different:
CHS 65535/16/255 (I think this is the default at auto)
LBA 16643/255/63
Large 4095/240/255

My question now is to what I should do?


Please CC me I'm not on the list

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