API to turn off the display

Stijn Hoop stijn at win.tue.nl
Wed Jan 28 14:23:31 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 06:07:27AM +0900, Taku YAMAMOTO wrote:
> I wrote a driver that handles what John told.
> http://access.cent.saitama-u.ac.jp/~taku/freebsd/acpi_vid-20031013.tar.gz
> MD5 (acpi_vid-20031013.tar.gz) = adbfa6931e505544fb784e00c7b974e7
> This driver uses ACPI video extension to control display switching and
> backlight brightness. So working ACPI is a requisition for this driver.
> Whether it does or does not work depends heavily on how well the BIOS written,
> however, I hope it worth trying.
> Suggestions, working/not-working reports etc are very appreciated.

I can compile & kldload this module just fine on a -CURRENT from this morning,
on a Dell D600 laptop.

Output from 'sysctl hw.acpi.video' after loading the module:

hw.acpi.video.crt0.active: 0
hw.acpi.video.lcd0.active: 0
hw.acpi.video.out0.active: 0

Which is not entirely correct because the LCD is certainly on & working :)
This also is the initial state after a reboot or shutdown.

When switching to sleep state S1 (by closing the lid) the display is not
turned off automatically. However, I can switch off the LCD manually by doing

# sysctl hw.acpi.video.lcd0.active=1
# sysctl hw.acpi.video.lcd0.active=0

and I can subsequently restore it by (blindly) typing

# sysctl hw.acpi.video.lcd0.active=1

Furthermore, when booted with an external monitor connected (but only then),
the crt0 part also seems to work. And even although the laptop's shortcut key
for switching between LCD / CRT seems to disallow having both screens on at
the same time, I can make that work by toggling the apropriate sysctls, so it
definitely appears to work! Unfortunately, I cannot test out0 right now.

Thank you for this driver, I hope this report is of help.


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