getblk(): panic: lockmgr: locking against myself

Bjoern Fischer bfischer at Techfak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Sun Jan 25 06:38:46 PST 2004


> This looks like a ufs2 snapshot bug when initializing more
> inodes in a cylinder group.
> bawrite for newly initialized inode block is called while the thread
> still owns the cylinder group block.
> The snapshot copy-on-write code tries to save the old (uninitialized)
> block and might need the cg block to do so => panic.
> Not saving the uninitialized inode block does not look like an
> option as inode access functions do not check the cg for cg_initediblk.
> The ugly patch below calls the bawrite for the inode block after
> it releases (bdwrites) the cg block and should prevent the panic.

is this issue resolved already? I just got a panic with latest -CURRENT
that looks exactly the same. The machine paniced while performing
background fsck on a very busy file system. If I can reproduce the
panic I will try your patch.


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