5.2 ata and apm status on thinkpad...

Julian Holley julian at holley.uklinux.net
Sat Jan 24 14:43:21 PST 2004

Hi - I finally got apm working fine on my IBM TP 390X on FreeBSD4.9 -
Great ! - but after attempting to follow the compile configure as close
as possible for 4.9 for 5.2 I still not get apm to work with 5.2.

My machine crashes on resume in 5.2 with the final message :-

ad0: setting PI04 on intel PIIX4 chip

then total lock with the disk LED on   :(

however on 4.9 I get 'resetting ata0, resetting ata1' and then the
machine drops back into user space and everything is fine.

So some where between 4.9 and 5.2 somat a bit different with apm on
resetting the drives, anyone any idea what's changed, I haven't got any
other versions inbetween and I'm very new to BSD so I'd grateful for any
hints, J
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