Timecounters and 5.2

alexis georges floating_in_space_ at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 19:00:35 PST 2004

well, i could not read the stuff when doing boot -v, but i did it with no 
acpi, and i attached the dmesg..also, when i do do the boot with acpi and 
-v, the last line i get is :

lo0: bpf attached

there is no error i can see..just that the boot freezes (with the 
Timecounters stuff as the last 2 lines)..
i hope this helps a bit.if there was a way to scroll back up during boot so 
i could see if there were any errors, it would be nice.i tried every key 

>From: Kris Kennaway <kris at obsecurity.org>
>To: alexis georges <floating_in_space_ at hotmail.com>
>CC: freebsd-current at freebsd.org
>Subject: Re: Timecounters and 5.2
>Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:28:29 -0800
>On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 07:36:00PM -0500, alexis georges wrote:
> > Hey guys,
> > I am trying to upgrade from 5.1 to 5.2.
> > First here are the things to know; i have these
> >
> > AMD AthlonXP 2400+
> > nForce2-400 Motherboard -> Asus A7N8X-Deluxe (pcb 2)
> >
> > now when i am booting from cd, i get this:
> >
> > [MSG]
> > Timecounters "TSC" 1996989537 Hz quality 800
> > Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
> > [/MSG[
> >
> > now the problem is that the loading just stops and freezes at these 2
> > lines..
>What does 'boot -v' show?  The problem may not be in the timecounter
>code, this could just be the last thing that was displayed prior to
>the hang in other code.
> > i Have never had this kind of message with 5.1, so I was wondering
> > if anyone had experianced this, or if anyone has an idea.
> > (I also tried booting w/out ACPI but later on i get some errors about a
> > PNP* device not being able to load..)
>What is the exact error?
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