5.2-RELEASE Crash [ACPI Related?]

Daryl Chance chancedj at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 18:16:23 PST 2004

I have a reproduceable crash from a box  that i'm
trying to boot 5.2-Release on.  It boots fine all the
time....unless I power it on and then switch over to
another machine (it's on a KVM).  If i wait till it
should be booted then change back over, it's crashed
right when it's starts to boot.

Here is the verbose output: 

I can't get any type of dump, so here's is a picture
of the crash.

I tried getting it to panic by waiting till the
selection screen popped up and then switching back
quickly....but then it locked up right after it
identified the vga adapter. (I'll try and reproduce
this as well).  In both cases, the keyboard and
machine were not responsive (I assume in the first one
that the machine was responsive, but I couldn't get to
it because of the keyboard not being
responsive....since it booted while I was on another

I'm going to try and get the machine to boot using
option #5 by default and see if I can get a better
shot of the error.


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