Status Update - Vol01, Issue 00 (12/18/2004)

Jonathan T. Sage sagejona at
Mon Jan 19 16:37:31 PST 2004

With much fanfare, an itnitial weekly status-update.  The capture 
scripts went through lots of versions to "get it right", so I am missing 
a good deal of the weeks commits.  Thoughts/Comments definatally 
appreciated as it is early in the process.  Also, as of right now, the 
web archive for these is not yet created.  coming soonish. ~Jon

Weekly Status Update Message - Volume 1, Issue 0
Report Generated on: 01/19/2004

Covers previous week of commits (thru 01/17)

This document lives on as well

New Hardware Support:
MIHIRA Sanpei Yochiro - Add support for SUNTAV U-Cable type A3 (AS64LX) 

Kernel Updates:
Dag-Erling Smorgrav - Remove some sys/kern/kern_descrip.c KASSERT paranoia.

Dag-Erling Smorgrav - /sys/kern/kern_descrip.c WITNESS won't let us hold 
two filedesc locks at the same time, so juggle fdp and newfdp around a bit.

MIHIRA Sanpei Yoshiro - Sync sys/dev/usb/usbdevs.h to 1.157

Dag-Erling Smorgrav - Restore correct semantics for F_DUPFD fcntl.

Other Updates:
David O'Brian - Update NDIS to work with win64 platforms correctly

Mike Makonnen - Update libthr :
   o We are not required to initialize an invalid rwlock. So axe all 
that code and simply return EINVAL (which is allowed by the standard) in 
all those pthread functions that previously initialized it.

   o Refactor the pthread_rwlock_[try]rdlock() and 
pthread_rwlock_[try]wrlock() functions. They are now completeley 
condensed into rwlock_rdlock_common() and rwlock_wrlock_common(), 

   o If the application tries to destroy an rwlock that is currently 
held by a thread return EBUSY where it previously went ahead and freed 
all resources associated with the lock.

   o Refactor _pthread_rwlock_init() to make it look (relatively) sane.

   o When obtaining a read lock on an rwlock the check for whether it 
would exceed the maximum allowed read locks should happen *before* we 
obtain the lock.

   o The pthread_rwlock_* functions shall *never* return EINTR, so make 
sure to requeue/resuspend the thread if it encounters such an error.

   o Make a note that pthread_rwlock_unlock() needs to ensure it holds a 
lock on an rwlock it tries to unlock. It will be implemented in a 
separate commit because it requires some additional rwlock infrastructure.

Ruslan Ermilov - Update in sys/modules (and others) to build things in 
pure alphabetical dictionary order.

Brian Feldman - UNION FS -
    Fix an upper-vnode leak created in revision 1.52.  When an 
upper-layer file has been removed, it should be purged from the cache, 
but it need not be removed from the directory stack causing corruption; 
instead, it will simply be removed once the last references and holds on 
it are dropped at the end of the unlink/rmdir system calls, and the 
normal !UN_CACHED VOP_INACTIVE() handler for unionfs finishes it off.

Contrib Source Updates:

Documentation Updates:
Hiroki Sato - Merge Japanese translation of 5.2R docs into RELENG_5_2

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