build 5.2-release fails on 4.9

Putinas pilkis at
Sun Jan 18 04:25:16 PST 2004

Hello all,
after making world and cd /usr/src/release I give command:

here is what I get after cvs from src... :

U src/usr.sbin/zzz/
rm -rf /usr/stuff/release/usr/ports
# Add version information to those things that need it.
if [ ! -f /usr/stuff/release/tmp/.world_done ]; then  cd /usr/stuff/release/usr/src/sys/conf &&  mv foo &&  sed "s/^RELEASE=.*/RELEASE=5.2-RELEASE/" foo > &&  rm foo;  fi
test -f install.cfg && cp install.cfg /usr/stuff/release/usr/src/release
*** Error code 1 (ignored)
echo "#!/bin/sh"                        > /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "set -ex"                          >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "trap 'umount /dev || true' 0"     >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "_RELTARGET=\${1:-doRELEASE}"      >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export AUTO_KEYBOARD_DETECT=\"0\""        >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export BUILDNAME=\"5.2-RELEASE\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export DISTRIBUTIONS=\"base catpages manpages games proflibs dict info doc compat1x compat20 compat21 compat22 compat3x compat4x crypto\""        >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=\"YES\""  >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export NODOC=\"yes\""     >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export NOPORTS=\"yes\""   >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export RELEASETAG=\"RELENG_5_2\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export RELNOTES_LANG=\"en_US.ISO8859-1\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export TARGET=\"i386\""   >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export TARGET_ARCH=\"i386\""      >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
# Don't remove this, or the build will fall over!
echo "export RELEASEDIR=/R"             >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "export MANBUILDCAT=YES"           >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
# NB: these may fail if the host is running w/o devfs
echo "umount /dev >/dev/null 2>&1 || true" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "mount -t devfs devfs /dev >/dev/null 2>&1 || true"        >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "if [ ! -f /tmp/.world_done ]; then" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  cd /usr/src"                    >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  make TARGET_ARCH=i386 TARGET=i386  -DNOCLEAN buildworld && \\" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  touch /tmp/.world_done"         >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "fi"                               >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "if [ ! -f /tmp/.skip_ports ]; then" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  echo \">>> make readmes started on \`LC_ALL=C TZ=GMT date\`\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  cd /usr/ports"                  >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  make  readmes" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  touch /tmp/.skip_ports"         >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "  echo \">>> make readmes finished on \`LC_ALL=C TZ=GMT date\`\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "fi"                               >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "cd /usr/src/release"              >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "make obj"                         >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "make \${_RELTARGET}"              >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
echo "echo \">>> make release for i386 finished on \`LC_ALL=C TZ=GMT date\`\"" >> /usr/stuff/release/mk
chmod 755 /usr/stuff/release/mk
touch /usr/stuff/release/tmp/.skip_ports
# Ensure md.ko is loaded if md(4) is not statically compiled into the kernel
mdconfig 2>/dev/null
ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found
Abort trap
*** Error code 134 (ignored)
env -i /usr/sbin/chroot `dirname /usr/stuff/release/mk` /`basename /usr/stuff/release/mk`
Bad system call (core dumped)
*** Error code 140
Stop in /usr/src/release.
Exit 1

md.ko is loaded as module,
but mdconfig originally was not found I compile it from src and installed separetly, but now it complains about missing libraries
any soliution for this ?

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