PF_LOCAL sockets problem on a md fs

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Sun Jan 18 01:41:56 PST 2004


I am running on a MD
	host# mount
	/dev/md0c on / (ufs, local)
	devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
	procfs on /proc (procfs, local)

on startup syslogd, postfix, ppp and racoon are started.
While for postfix the relative sockets show up in filesystem they
do not (with absolut socket names) for syslogd and ppp (at least
not for ppp).

The first time I do a ls -la /var/run; ls -la /var/run/ppp there is
neither a log socket nor the ppp socket does show up.

find / -type s will only shows the sockets from postfix while
netstat -an -f unix  whill show them all (this is from ppp and syslogd
too).  according to fstat all the sockets are open too.

It gets even more confusing:

logging works at this point for (almost) everything (syslogd logs
to another host): I get ppp logs, racoon logs and klog info.

Now I kill ppp and start it again and the ppp local IPC socket also
shows up in filessystem but ppp no longer logs (mostly because it
cannot find /var/run/log ?).

So I restart syslogd and /var/run/log shows up too and somewhen after
this ppp and racoon do logging and postfix starts to log too.

At boot startup order is like this:

I have seen similar problems for weeks but never investigated.

The machine is a HEAD from about 20040117-0934 UTC.

Anybody any ideas ?

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