Error build -STABLE ports on bento

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Thu Jan 15 23:51:07 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 02:44, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> I'm trying to get the latest 4-exp build done, and I'm seeing a strange
> problem.  The -STABLE chroots (running 490101) built under FreeBSD
> -CURRENT (501114) refuse to copy 0 length files.  Whenever cp encounters
> a 0 length file, it fails with EINVAL.  For example:
> cp: /tmp/a/ports/sysutils/usermin/work/usermin-1.051/install-type:
> Invalid argument
> This is not happening with the same -STABLE version built and run under
> FreeBSD -CURRENT 501108.  Non-zero length files are copied just fine. 
> Is this something I should expect to be fixed if the cluster is upgraded
> to today's -CURRENT?  Is there a simple workaround that can be used in
> lieu of upgrading at this time?  Thanks.

Hmmm...sorry to follow up to myself, but I just tested the same -STABLE
under a -CURRENT 502101 machine, and the behavior is the same.  cp
returns EINVAL when trying to copy zero-length files.


> Joe
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