5.2-RELEASE pleasant surprise on Dell Inspiron 8000

Sean Welch welchsm at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 13 15:59:32 PST 2004

So far I am very pleased with the install on my laptop -- thanks to all 
who worked so hard to get this release out the door at a high level
of quality!

One of the surprises I had after installation was to notice that there are
no warnings, errors, or issues with functionality of ACPI -- and this is 
*without* replacing the dsdt as I had to with 5.1-x!!!  The battery status
works, the temperature readout works, the suspend states are reported
correctly; in short everything is just as it was earlier when I was using
"acpi_dsdt_load" under previous versions of 5.x.  I am *impressed*.

A point of confusion -- I did not add pccard_enable to my rc.conf file yet
my cards all mount up and work??  I checked /etc/defaults/rc.conf and it
appears that the default is still to not enable them unless explicitly noted
in /etc/rc.conf...

I also seem not to have to set "pccard_mem" anymore (I'm typing this
from 5.2 connected to the net through my pccard wifi) -- add that
to the list of things I'm impressed by.  :-)

I haven't run into any snags yet, and if I can successfully configure up the
environment to match what I have under 4.9 I'll switch to using 5.2 full
time.  This is good stuff!

By the way, what is the best way to request additions to usbdevs and 
usb_quirks.c allowing use of my Qualcomm CDMA MSM phone (SprintPCS
Vision) as a modem?  The diffs are below:

*** usbdevs.orig        Tue Jan 13 15:19:46 2004
--- usbdevs     Tue Jan 13 15:24:42 2004
*** 349,354 ****
--- 349,355 ----
  vendor LUWEN          0x0c76  Luwen
  vendor SMC3           0x0d5c  Standard Microsystems
  vendor HAWKING                0x0e66  Hawking Technologies
+ vendor QUALCOMM               0x1004  Qualcomm
  vendor MOTOROLA               0x1063  Motorola
  vendor PLX            0x10b5  PLX
  vendor ASANTE         0x10bd  Asante
*** 1036,1041 ****
--- 1037,1045 ----
  /* Qtronix products */
  product QTRONIX 980N          0x2011  Scorpion-980N keyboard
+ /* Qualcomm products */
+ product QUALCOMM CDMA_MSM     0x6000  CDMA Technologies MSM phone
  /* Quickshot products */
  product QUICKSHOT STRIKEPAD   0x6238  USB StrikePad

*** usb_quirks.c.orig   Tue Jan 13 15:25:05 2004
--- usb_quirks.c        Tue Jan 13 15:27:05 2004
*** 93,98 ****
--- 93,100 ----
   { USB_VENDOR_HP, USB_PRODUCT_HP_810C,                    ANY,   { UQ_BROKEN_BIDIR }},
   { USB_VENDOR_HP, USB_PRODUCT_HP_830C,                    ANY,   { UQ_BROKEN_BIDIR }},
   { USB_VENDOR_HP, USB_PRODUCT_HP_1220C,                   ANY,   { UQ_BROKEN_BIDIR }},
+         ANY, { UQ_ASSUME_CM_OVER_DATA}},
   /* YAMAHA router's ucdDevice is the version of farmware and often changes. */

(Please forgive formatting issues -- I have to use webmail)

These patches allow the phone (LG 5350) to attach as ucom0.  Adding the same lines to the
same files under 4.9 gets it to attach as umodem0.


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