audio cd problems

Evan Dower evantd at
Tue Jan 13 15:35:22 PST 2004

It doesn't flash the LED, but it does seem to spin. In fact, when I took a 
CD out in order to reinsert it and try again, I noticed that it seemed warm, 
presumeably because the drive had been trying (unsuccessfully) to read it. 
Ironicly, when I reinserted it, it showed up instantly.

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>From: sos at
>To: Evan Dower <evantd at>
>CC: sos at, freebsd-current at FreeBSD.ORG
>Subject: Re: audio cd problems
>Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:30:57 +0100 (CET)
>It seems Evan Dower wrote:
> > When everything is working properly cdcontrol causes the activity LED to
> > flash. When the CD is not recognized, cdcontrol does not cause the 
> > LED to flash. Either way, upon inserting a CD, the activity LED goes on 
> > a while, and I can hear it spin up. WOuld a boot -v dmesg be helpful?
>What I meant was, does the drive seem to do anything ie seek or flash the
>led during the time its not seeing the CD's ?
> > >Your drive cant read the TOC off the media, causing things to stall as 
> > >wont respond to requests for disk access until it has decided whats in
> > >there. Does the activity LED flash on the drive ? does it make seek 
>noise ?
> > >
> > >-S?ren
>                      Yes I know it works under windows!!

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