Status reports - why not regularly?

Michael Ranner mranner at
Tue Jan 13 12:11:28 PST 2004

Am Dienstag, 13. Januar 2004 20:51 schrieb Josef El-Rayes:
> Michael Ranner <mranner at> wrote:
> > Also for this we must not reinvent the wheel, as Robert Watson thoughts
> > about kerneltrap, feeding this information to an already existing site
> > with a FreeBSD related column could be not a so bad idea.
> i see no reason why this should appear on an 3rd party page.
> i think this definitely belongs on our webpage, why
> do you want to outsource this?

Nobody can outsource a project which does not already exist. First
we need some people willing to have time beside their real life and
real work to do some research on commits and discussions, requests
status from developers and summarize all this information together.

After this it should be no problem to post this information to
already existing sites like kerneltrap, on,
or a not yet started blog like system or simply to post an email
to announce.

Btw. by posting also on a so called "3rd party page", we can reach a
bigger audience, and send out a life sign of active development in
FreeBSD and show those other people that there is no stagnation in


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