Status reports - why not regularly?

Josef El-Rayes josef at
Tue Jan 13 12:09:34 PST 2004

Kirill Ponomarew <krion at> wrote:
> the problem is if anybody wants to
> spend energy and time to do it at all. 

> Josef if you'd like to
> start this project, you're welcome, it's everything in your
> hands.

as long as scott finds enough time to work on this, noone
needs me, as i do not have the detailed knowledge he has.
i will support him with news from doc/ and www/ if this is
welcome, but i do not feel like starting another project
as i am happy with the bimonthly report as a summary
and the mailinglists to track things i am deeply interested in.

if scott does not find time anymore than i will support
anyone who wants to continue scott's path with my
doc skills or if there is noone i would also try to continue
this myself.

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