Question on quieting kernel boot

Doug White dwhite at
Tue Jan 13 09:36:31 PST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Rob MacGregor wrote:

> I'm sure this'll cause a long debate, however...
> What I'd like is some option to make the boot quieter - a way of hiding the
> informational kernel messages that (once the system has been built) serve
> little purpose.  I'm specifically referring to the identification of
> devices, loading of kernel modules, config of the loopback interface (or any
> other statically configured interfaces), messages about clean disk
> partitions etc.

You could enable serial console -- then you'll get nothing until the
ttyv* terminals start up. But if something explodes, you'll have to plug
in a serial cable. :)

Killing the kenrel output is probably doable but removing output from rc
scripts is a bit more sizable task.

> The advantage (from my perspective) is that the remaining messages should be
> error messages and messages confirming service startup.  That way spotting
> problems should be easier.

I've seen the boot so many times that I know when it looks wrong, but I'm
wierd and not a part of the redsplat generation.

> Is this possible already?  If not would it be useful?

There used to be a way of hiding the kernel boot behind a spash screen,
not sure if that still works.

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