Question on quieting kernel boot

Marco Wertejuk wertejuk at
Tue Jan 13 08:42:55 PST 2004

Hello Rob,

in my opinion it would be useful, I was indeed already looking
for sth. like that but haven't found anything and I had not
enough time to find a solution by myself (like modifying
scripts etc.) so this idea went away.

Having multiple switches would be nice, like these:
- completely silent kernel
- only error output
- short listing of found devices (i.e:
found PCI devices: pcib1, pci1, cbb0, fxp0,...
found USB decices: ugen0, ubt0 ...)
- normal output

The same switches would be nice for rc scripts but it's
probably some work, although this seems easier than
the kernel stuff ;)

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Marco Wertejuk -
Consulting & Internet Solutions

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