Status reports - why not regularly?

Matteo Riondato rionda at
Tue Jan 13 06:14:59 PST 2004

Il Mar, 2004-01-13 alle 15:00, Dag-Erling Smørgrav ha scritto:
> Eric Anderson <anderson at> writes:
> > It would be much more efficient if even *some* of the developers that
> > are working on "new-and-cool" features would at least mention it on
> > the -CURRENT list, or even send an email to the person (people?)
> > working on the report.  [...]
> > Josef already agreed to do the markup (the most tedious part of the
> > work) - so now it's just information gathering..
> You must have missed the part of this thread where I said "we tried
> that before, and it didn't work".

That's quite a problem, because how can we inform normal users about new
features that will be included, if developers don't tell "anyobody" they
are working on those features?
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