Status reports - why not regularly?

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Il Mar, 2004-01-13 alle 14:11, Tig ha scritto:
> On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:53:10 +0100
> Matteo Riondato <rionda at> wrote:
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> > 
> > Just to give my own opinion:
> > For normal -CURRENT user who haven't a real in-depth knowledge of the
> > system, is not easy to understand what every single commit message
> > means, especially those in regard to difficul topics such as VM
> > development or network device drivers development. That's probably why
> > nobody has volunteered to write a Status Report. It (the Status
> > Report) should be a work both of users _and_ developers. 
> > These are my 0.2 euro
> I do not agree with this statement or approch. Something like;
>   "grog continues working on Vinum with a few patches commited from 
>    the public"
> Is much better than nothing at all and in most cases is all that is
> required. The developers will be keen to see that work is continuing,
> the people most interested in Vinum will (more than likely) will already
> be aware of what was changed/commit and the general public (like me)
> will be happy to see that Vinum is not rotting away.
> All that is required is someone (or some people) with the time to put it
> together.

I'm sorry but I cannot understand your point (this can be my poor english fault..).
I'm talking about writing a Report, not about Vinum or in general software development.
If neither of us two can understand what each commit means, we cannot write a report
about the status of the project and we have to ask a developer to explain what he did.
After that we could write our report.
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