Status reports - why not regularly?

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Tue Jan 13 05:09:48 PST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:53:10 +0100
Matteo Riondato <rionda at> wrote:

> Just to give my own opinion:
> For normal -CURRENT user who haven't a real in-depth knowledge of the
> system, is not easy to understand what every single commit message
> means, especially those in regard to difficul topics such as VM
> development or network device drivers development. That's probably why
> nobody has volunteered to write a Status Report. It (the Status
> Report) should be a work both of users _and_ developers. 
> These are my 0.2 euro
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I do not agree with this statement or approch. Something like;
  "grog continues working on Vinum with a few patches commited from 
   the public"

Is much better than nothing at all and in most cases is all that is
required. The developers will be keen to see that work is continuing,
the people most interested in Vinum will (more than likely) will already
be aware of what was changed/commit and the general public (like me)
will be happy to see that Vinum is not rotting away.

All that is required is someone (or some people) with the time to put it


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