building acpi module with ACPI_DEBUG option

Don Lewis truckman at
Sat Jan 10 17:06:09 PST 2004

If you build a kernel with the ACPI_DEBUG option, this option gets
passed to the module build in opt_acpi.h, but the kernel panics on boot
because the symbol AcpiDmDumpMethodInfo is undefined in the module.  The
problem is that the Makefile for the acpi module needs to know whether
ACPI_DEBUG is defined because it wants to append some more files to SRCS
in this case.  One of the extra source files contains the definition of
the undefined symbol.

opt_ddb.h: Makefile
        echo "#define DDB 1" > ${.TARGET}
opt_ddb.h: Makefile
        echo -n > ${.TARGET}

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