[Fwd: Re: 5.2 USB + Bluetooth]

Maksim Yevmenkin m_evmenkin at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 21:49:12 PST 2004


ok, something weird happened to obexapp-1.0.tar.gz. i have updated
tarball, it should be fine now.
> and why do i seem to have to do an l2ping to a device before
> trying to connect to a service?  or am i misundersting more
> than usual?

what do you mean? does remote device refuses the connection unless
you l2ping it? or you just do not see active baseband connection? 

please keep in mind that baseband connections will be automatically
created on demand. also idle baseband connections will be disconnected
automatically. this is done to reduce power consumption.

> bottom line, what are some scripts to start client connections
> to devices and let one obex etc?

once you started the stack (with rc.bluetooth) you just just the
tools. the obexapp(1) man page has some examples.

if you have any problems please describe what are you trying to do,
describe you bluetooth hardware and errors you are getting. this way
i can give you better answers.


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