FreeBSD Crashes with AMD

Brian F. Feldman green at
Thu Jan 8 20:52:41 PST 2004

Bakul Shah <bakul at> wrote:
> > I just thought my idea was pretty cute, it would also be nice to say to people
> > with mystery SIGSEGV's that the break into the loader type 'memtest' and see 
> > if they get errors :)
> It was creative alright!
> My experience has been that memtest like tests do not help
> with nasty, marginal power/timing related errors that only up
> on a heavily loaded multiuser os.  Start a few compiles,
> finds, pure number crunching programs, throw in a few crashme
> kind of tests and see how well things stand up.  Then run the
> same load at highest/lowest rated temperatures and for 24
> hours or more.

Commonly referred to as "Prime95" in the Windows/OCers world, the Great 
Internet Mersennes Prime Search client is a very good indicator of system 
stability.  It has a generic "burn in" mode you can run and a mode that 
actually searches for primes; it can be found in ports/math/mprime.  I run 
an instance for each CPU on my A7M266-D (w/ECC), and it's pretty damn stable:

55725 green    155   36 17372K 15104K RUN    0 606.1H 78.91% 78.91% mprime-real
27850 green    155   36 14532K 12228K CPU1   0 662.7H 76.81% 76.81% mprime-real

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