Realtek RTL8139

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Mon Aug 23 02:12:17 PDT 2004


I downloaded the 5.3-BETA 1 ISO from, and try to install
in my laptop, an Acer Aspire 1605.
I try with ACPI, without it, with "hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range=1"
in loader.conf, with and without ACPI, and doesn't recognise the
ethernet, a Realtek RTL8139.
A linux system, with lilo option; noapic, run without any problem, and
can see the ethernet.

I attach to this e-mail my last conversation about this problem with M.
Warner Losh. 

I'm very very worried about the impossibility to run FreeBSD, my great
favourite SO, in my laptop, and only run Linux... :-/

Thank you very much!!

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hackers sit down and try to write a Unix system for the PC

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