More ATA interrupt(?) oddities

Søren Schmidt sos at
Sun Aug 15 11:32:27 PDT 2004

Daniel Eriksson wrote:
> I wrote:
>>Sometime during the last 3 weeks, something has changed in 
>>the kernel that makes one of my servers barf when hit with
>>lots of I/O on multiple filesystems (like when starting
>>"fsck" on all the filesystems). This used to work in the
>>past, but I have unfortunately not run this stress-test in
>>the last 3 weeks despite upgrading the kernel multiple times
> I would like to apologize for shouting "fire" when there is, in fact,
> nothing burning. After much head-scratching, some emails with Sören and Nate
> and trying out a few old kernels without any success, I decided to replace
> the PSU powering the discs that were causing the timeout messages mentioned
> in my original email. That fixed the problem. I suspect that the combination
> of rather unusual temperatures in Sweden over the last 10 days, and very
> poor ventilation in the room where the server sits, contributed to the
> "half-death" of the PSU.
> I should have known better than to suspect FreeBSD given the symptoms (which
> I've actually seen once before when I think about it), and I would like to
> apologize for any time wasted trying to help me.

There is no need to apologise, we got this solved, and got a bunch of 
real problems fixed in the process, all in all a very positive end 
result if you ask me :)

Dont ever hesitate to shout again if you encounter ATA problems...


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