Tying a process to a processor, SMP.

Andrew Chant achant at noc.utoronto.ca
Fri Aug 13 12:41:25 PDT 2004

 I was wondering if there is any mechanism to tie a process to a given 
processor on a SMP FreeBSD box.  I have a system running 
snort/mysql/barnyard on a dual Xeon 3.06 GHz box w/ 1 Meg cache, and I 
can see from 'top' that the processes seem to skip from CPU0 through to 
CPU3 on a regular basis, which to me seems like it is inefficient.  
Someone on #FreeBSD on freenode.net suggested that there was already an 
API mechanism to perform this task, and that it would be a simple 
project to write a user-mode utility to perform this task.  I'm willing 
to help, but I am a complete newbie to FreeBSD and I don't have a clue 
where to start.
-Andrew Chant
 achant at noc.utoronto.ca

ps. - please CC in replies, not subscribed.

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