UMA questions

Andre Oppermann andre at
Wed Aug 11 08:22:23 PDT 2004

Andre Oppermann wrote:
> I have a couple of questions regarding UMA things which are not 
> explained in
> the relevant man pages (and UTSL is a little bit tough):
>  1. UMA zones do not show up in the output of 'vmstat -m'.  Is there a way
>     to get information on how much memory each UMA zone is using?
>     Example: "sackhole", "tcptw", ...
>  2. What does the flag UMA_ZONE_ZINIT do exactly?
>  3. What does the flag UMA_ZONE_NOFREE prevent exactly?  Will it prevent any
>     zone/slab of this type to be free'd ever again?  This way the zone can
>     only grow and not shrink after transient peaks?

4. What does the flag UMA_ZONE_STATIC do exactly?  I was under the impression
    that zones are fixed sized by definition and don't need this to be specified


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