Need help: buildworld for CURRENT while under STABLE is not working

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Mon Aug 9 11:02:24 PDT 2004

[keep replies to the list and I'll catch up later, thanks]

I wrote:

> This failure just in:  It seems that `gengenrtl' is built to the
> expectations of the target -current crossbuild, and then it gets
> invoked during the -stable build as per the makefile:

> genrtl.c genrtl.h: gengenrtl
>         ./gengenrtl > genrtl.c
>         ./gengenrtl -h > genrtl.h

(Apologies sent off-line for mistakenly assuming Harti Brandt was
responsible for this part of the code)

Hmmm.  I see two issues in my build.

The various cc_tools are built as part of my cross-build _build-tools
step, where they're built static, and the above works.

However, I don't see that those build-tools binaries get installed
anywhere that show up in the BPATH or XPATH or STRICTTMPPATH used
later.  Could be pilot error here too.

Anyway, rather than ./genFOO, it seems to me that this makefile
should be trying to make use of the PATH in the environment,
particularly for crossbuilds like mine.

Stripping away the ./ from all the invoked paths in this makefile
and relying on $PATH to DTRT was my first idea; of course, during
the build-tools step, nothing has been installed to be invoked.

So I thought maybe add `:.' to BPATH, and then I thought, aiee,
maybe not.  Instead I changed every `./' in this makefile and
replaced it with `PATH=${PATH}:. ' and that seemed to work for
the build-tools step.

And it might as well work for the everything step, if only these
binaries were to appear in the PATH before the `.', hmmm.

I'll probably poke at that until I pass out or something.

Once again, this is a crossbuild of -current on -stable.

> This appears to result in the crossbuild failure I see:
> ./gengenrtl > genrtl.c
> ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found

barry bouwsma

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