Need help: buildworld for CURRENT while under STABLE is not working

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Mon Aug 9 09:03:39 PDT 2004

[keep replies to the list and I'll catch up later, thanks]

> > (whether my build breaks further down the line, time will tell,
> > my machine is slow and old, like me)

> I've received much help with this off list.  What was suggested and seems to 
> work is to comment out <stdint.h> contrib/gensnmptree/gensnmptree.c but I've

That should work too (everything needed seems to be somewhere
else in the -stable build environment)

> received another email saying that may cause other problems, anyways
> my buildworld is still in progress (for 10hrs now).  I'm told the author of  

I may be slower, but I have -DNOCLEAN for situations like this.
This failure just in:  It seems that `gengenrtl' is built to the
expectations of the target -current crossbuild, and then it gets
invoked during the -stable build as per the makefile:

genrtl.c genrtl.h: gengenrtl
        ./gengenrtl > genrtl.c
        ./gengenrtl -h > genrtl.h

This appears to result in the crossbuild failure I see:
./gengenrtl > genrtl.c
ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found
Abort trap
*** Error code 134

I'm hoping there's nowhere else in the crossbuild where I've
taken timesaving shortcuts where this is built as a cross-tools
target.  Haven't looked.

I'll do some half-hearted poking around to see if I can work
around this and see if I complete the build on my rapidly-
self-obsoleting source, to see if other beasties rear their

> contrib/gensnmptree/gensnmptree.c ? is aware of the problem so I have no 
> doubt it will be fixed sooner or later.

Just thought I'd post my latest discoveries in case they're
not already known.

barry bouwsma
(direct replies to me aren't necessary, as I'll be offline
again Real Soon Now)

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