OpenSSL with hifn(4) (cryptodev)

Doug White dwhite at
Wed Aug 4 10:00:45 PDT 2004

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Sam Leffler wrote:

> > Also, your app has to ask for the acceleration if they want it, by
> > requesting the 'cryptodev' engine.  And that requires OpenSSL 0.9.7, which
> > you probably have since the 'openssl engine' command exists.
> >
> > nork, which app(s) are you trying to accelerate?
> I don't believe this is correct.  Unless something has changed libcrypto (from
> openssl) will check for /dev/crypto, query what algorithms are supported, and
> then use h/w acceleration if it exists.

That'd be a recent change then. The last time I mesed with this, which was
a year and a half ago, you didn't get h/w accel unless you specified the
engine.  I had to use patches that were flagged EXPERIMENTAL to get engine
support in whatever it was I was toying with, and had to use that support
to get it using hardware crypto.  I'll see if I can find what it was I was
messing with and try again :)

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