OpenSSL with hifn(4) (cryptodev)

Sam Leffler sam at
Tue Aug 3 09:03:26 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 03 August 2004 05:41 am, Norikatsu Shigemura wrote:
> Hi sam!
> 	I have two Soekris vpn1401 crypto accelerator cards.  I installed
> 	these to 4-stable machine and 5-current machine.

> 	I confirmed `openssl speed -engine cryptodev', but it looks not
> 	works.  Because 1st: same speed (before/after install it), 2nd: CPU
> 	loadavg is always high. So I consider that openssl didn't use
> 	cryptodev.  Do you have any idea?

Look in /usr/src/tools/tools/crypto for the cryptostats and hifnstats 
programs; they will tell you if the h/w is operating correctly.


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