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Max Laier max at
Tue Apr 27 13:32:51 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 01:04, Michael Reifenberger wrote:
> Hi,
> I get the attached panics after some time ( max. 1 hour )when using pf(4).
> I do not get them, when using ipf(4).
> Any clues?

> #6  0xc0641d92 in nd6_slowtimo (ignored_arg=0x0) 
> at ../../../netinet6/nd6.c:1800 
> 	nd6if = (struct nd_ifinfo *) 0xc43221c0
> 	ifp = (struct ifnet *) 0xc4529c00

Okay ... this indicads that ifp->if_afdata[AF_INET6] is uninitialized, which 
should not be the case when the slowtimo runs. As you told me off-list 
(before I realized that you sent it to -current as well) this happens for the 
pflog0 interface. Still that should not happen and I wonder if it's got to do 
with the lately reported problems with a cleanup commit to nd6.c.

So the question is, are you seeing this with nd6.c, rev. 1.42? Does upping to 
1.43 help? Does rolling back to April, 24th help?

For the record, on my system (week-old -currnet) pflog0->if_afdata[AF_INET6] 
if initialized okay.


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