/ ibm thinkpad t41

Yann Berthier yb at sainte-barbe.org
Fri Apr 23 16:07:07 PDT 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Bill Paul wrote:

> > > You're making the unwarranted assumption that your copy of w70n51.sys
> > > and w70n51.inf are exactly the same as everyone else's. Listen up people:
> > > Intel has released several different versions of this driver. Some of
> > > them have issues that others do not. If you don't bother to SEND ME
> > > the driver that you have, I can't address your problem.
> > Based on your experience can you suggest a version that is less 
> > likely to  have problems?
> > Or we should test and use as many as possible different 
> > versions to help making project evil as evil as possible? :)
> It's called the NDISulator, not the ONLYCERTAINSPECIFICDRIVERSulator.
> The more oddball cases I fix now, the fewer problems I'll have later.

   In my case, it was due to a *cough* *cough* corrupted .sys file :-/
   Now that i have lost everyone's time, i'd like to run and hide :p

   Anyway, Bill Paul rocks, Project Evil rocks, and Freebsd rocks.
   (and now, i don't say that to be forgiven, this is a long due

      - yann

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