John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Apr 23 11:08:01 PDT 2004

On Thursday 22 April 2004 12:34 pm, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Well, things seem to have deteriorated slightly with Warner's recent PCI
> changes (backing out much of the PCI power stuff).
> 1. I have both my hard disks and floppies. Thanks Warner and Søren!
> 2. USB still works and recovers after a resume!
> 3. Sound is again playing too fast after resume. ICH audio is reverting
>    to its native speed. With the PCI power stuff in there, it worked just
>    fine. (It was nice while it lasted.) I suspect this will return when
>    Warner gets a few rough edges off of the PCI code.
> 4. After a resume, the shared PCI interrupt stops being delivered after
>    a LONG time interval. I've had it fail in 10 minutes, but it is more
>    likely to die after about an hour. It always dies in under 2 hours.
> vmstat -i looks completely normal except that the count for irq 11 never
> increases. All other interrupts and devices are fine. Is this a locking
> problem? Should I put WITNESS back in my kernel? I can't find any sign
> of any significant resource being exhausted. If you ignore the fact that
> all devices on irq 11 are dead, the system continues to run just fine. X
> is alive and the box seems completely normal. (Of course, USB, the
> network cards,  and sound are completely gone.) System has neither SMP
> or APIC in the kernel.
> I'd love to track this down. I have no idea how common it is,
> either. Since most people running CURRENT are not using suspend on their
> laptops because of various problems except to test things, this might
> not have shown up for most people. (Or, it might be unique to the IBM
> T30.)
> Thanks,

We probably just need to reprogram the PCI link devices on resume.  Are you 
using ACPI?  The non-ACPI case I know doesn't do this yet.

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