no root fs in CURRENT kernel

Michael Luetz miluetz at
Tue Apr 20 04:00:02 PDT 2004


I'm sorry but the patches have no effect on my system. After rebuilding the 
kernel and rebooting I get the same error messages.

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>From: Søren Schmidt <sos at>
>To: Michael Luetz <miluetz at>
>CC: freebsd-current at
>Subject: Re: no root fs in CURRENT kernel
>Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:29:31 +0200
>Michael Luetz wrote:
>>today's (Apr 19th) CURRENT can't find the root fs anymore
>Thats because of the PCI code changes, it does not properly handle the 
>BAR's on ATA controllers (they are special and an exception of the worser 
>kind :) )
>I have two patches that solves this is different ways (both attached 
>below). The first one just makes the PCI code aware of the specialness of 
>the ATA BAR's and takes the right action on it. The second one is not 
>really for mass consumption yet, as it will try to use you ATA controller 
>in "native PCI" mode if its possible. This hasn't been tested much yet, and 
>I sure there are HW out there that breaks with this, but it would be 
>interesting to gain more knowledge on it by getting it tested especially on 
>platforms thats broken with the current code.

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