epiphany browser doesn't start

Ricard Pascual Diaz raver at hosting.sytes.net
Tue Apr 20 03:18:29 PDT 2004

Since a few weeks ago, when trying to launch epiphany browser I get this message:

	# epiphany
	0x0 : Freed()
	xmlMallocBreakpoint reached on block 0

Then a warning dialog rises to allow me to choose between "Restart Application" or "Close".
But the restart option gets me to the same error and dialog, so the application can't be started.
Sources are up-to-date. Any hint?

Thanks in advance,

	" I chose not to choose life: I chose something else.
	And the reasons? There are no reasons.
	Who need reasons when you've got BSD? "

		Ricard Pascual Diaz AKA 'raver'
		raver at hosting.sytes.net

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