small note to GENERIC for isa dependency

Doug White dwhite at
Mon Apr 19 18:34:07 PDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Josef El-Rayes wrote:

> hi!
> i just noticed that removing 'device isa' with 'device npx' still enabled
> results in a break of the kernel build.
> as i did not find any hint in GENERIC or NOTES i was wondering whether i should
> wrtie a short hint and if so, how it should look like.

You want to do the same thing for pci?  There's a LOT of stuff that
depends on that! :)  I don't think that trying to add comments to keep
people from doing really dumb thing with config files is doing to fix the
problem.  Theres a reason we have a whole section in the Handbook on
kernel configuration, and we still have people doing dumb things :)

Also note there is a "don't remove this" comment on npx, which you would
think keep people from screwing around with it to much.

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