Is -current really this slow, or do I have something mis-configured?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Mon Apr 19 17:43:43 PDT 2004

Stupid me, I had commented out KERNCONF in my /etc/make.conf at some
point, so I've been building a GENERIC kernel without realizing it :(
Just re-built a new kernel and installed, which will hopefully fix that up
for tomorrow when I get back to the office *cross fingers*

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

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> Subject: Is -current really this slow, or do I have something mis-configured?
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> > I'm running -CURRENT on my desktop ... the machine is a P4, no HTT, and
> > 512Meg of RAM ... and I swear the machine is less responsive then my
> > laptop running on a Celeron 333 with ~192 Meg of RAM ... both are IDE
> > drives, both are runing X and both are -current ...
> If you are running -CURRENT with WITNESS and all other assert stuff then
> there could be a serious "penalty" you pay. And there is a good reason for it:
> Nota Bene:
> Turn off WITNESS and INVARIANTS only
> when benchmarking or for production systems
> Robert Watson writes: "We turn them off in releases,
> and once 5.x becomes 5-stable, we'll turn it off by default also. However,
> they're invaluable tools when debugging the development system, so we have
> them on in the development branch by default. I would encourage people to
> generally run with them turned on unless performance of a system requires
> them to be off, as it really helps the debugging process, as well as
> helping to identify locking problems as the system evolves."
> You might want to look at the stats I have for a simple bonnie run with and
> without
> the WITNESS stuff. Block Write throughput is not much different, but there is a
> huge
> difference when "fetching" data which was still in memory. I could very well
> imagine
> that a similar effect would impact your feel of responsiveness.
> --WjW

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