Is -current really this slow, or do I have something mis-configured?

Max Laier max at
Mon Apr 19 17:19:16 PDT 2004

On Monday 19 April 2004 21:04, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> I'm running -CURRENT on my desktop ... the machine is a P4, no HTT, and
> 512Meg of RAM ... and I swear the machine is less responsive then my
> laptop running on a Celeron 333 with ~192 Meg of RAM ... both are IDE
> drives, both are runing X and both are -current ...
> But, I'm finding that more often then note, doing things like switching
> V-Windows in KDE is 'lagged' ... top on the P4 shows:
> last pid: 23514;  load averages:  4.30,  3.61,  3.33    up 0+01:31:11 
> 18:01:51 131 processes: 6 running, 125 sleeping
> CPU states: 46.7% user,  0.0% nice, 50.3% system,  3.0% interrupt,  0.0%
	      ^^^^^		      ^^^^^
> idle Mem: 327M Active, 43M Inact, 79M Wired, 26M Cache, 60M Buf, 18M Free
> Swap: 2048M Total, 300K Used, 2048M Free

This looks like something is really eating your CPU cycles. To find out what 
it is, you could take a look at $top -S ... type "otime<return>" to sort by 
CPU-time used. Eventhough above top output suggests not, I suppose an 
interrupt strom thing might be the cause of this. "vmstat -i" might tell you.

Also, the symptoms you describe might be in connection with the X config 
driver? What kind of graphic card are you using in those two boxes?

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