VIA 8235 UDMA ICRC errors

Søren Schmidt sos at
Wed Apr 14 05:59:08 PDT 2004

Yura Socolov wrote:
> I've tried replacing pretty much everything, including power supplies, drives
> and motherboards. And even versions of FreeBSD. If it has a 8235, it doesn't 
> work, period.
> After talking off-line with Doug White, though, i am under impression that it
> has something to do with the size of the drive as well. He says his kt400/8235
> works fine with an 80G drive. All my test drives have been 160G, and i don't 
> have a smaller drive that could do UDMA100. All of them failed on my kt400/8235.
> I solved it for myself by getting a KT600/8237 motherboard (DFI), and i still 
> think something is very fishy about 8235. Unfortunately, though, i don't have 
> resources to verify that or troubleshoot it further. I spent a week on this 
> already.

Hmm, it could be that there are problems with the 8235 and 48bit mode 
needed for >137G drives.
However, I dont have a 8235 in my ATA HW collection so I have no way of 
reproducing/testing/fixing this problem if thats the case.
On top of that VIA is not very cooperative so getting docs that could 
help here is not very likely..


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